Feb 25, 2013

I'm being blocked

Salam and good morning,

Ya allah, how shock I am today to notice that the person that really close to me had block me on facebook. Whats wrong ? I didn't even message or comment anything on their facebook. still really shocked right now.

even on the phone, tried so many times to call but the line is busy..

for me, orang yang suka block people is like a bit childish .they might have their own reason or they feel that they need more privacy. or they just don't want to know anything about you.

xper lah nak buat macam mana kan. we can't force people to like us. anyway, I know there is someone who will be my side forever and I hope it will last forever till jannah. Insyallah.


Myfish is CoOL said...


Penunggu Blog said...


I just hacked my daughter's facebook, and blocked her boyfie....and confiscated her phone as well....and later on I decided to deactivate her account

She's just 15, and had gone head over heels, and putting her in, no school , no outing etc


What a bad parent am I...or bad daughter she is?!

Miss Lavender said...
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Miss Lavender said...

penunggu blog

In my opinion, I think what you suppose to do is you have to tell your daughter what is the consequences of having boyfriend at early stage. sometimes, teenagers do something because all their friends are doing that.

It seems like a harsh action towards your daughter and she might hate you for doing that, because she thinks is ok to have boyfriend now.