Sep 8, 2013

Speaking test IELTS exam

Salam semua,

This entry I will share on my experience on speaking test. Test berlangsung pada 31.7.13 di IDP Subang Jaya. Antara soalan-soalan yang ditanya seperti di bawah.

First part: Introduction and interview

takes 4-5 min
  • where are you from
  • why do you live there?
  • which room that you like the most in your house?
  • who choose your clothes when you are younger?
  • what type of clothes do you choose?
  • what are the thing that you do when choose clothes?
  • why you choose lower price clothes
  • do you choose clothes for your friend?
  • Are you a patience person?
  • Do you lost your patience when delay of the bus?
  • Are the people in your country are patience?
contoh part 1

Second part: Individual long turn

takes 3-4 min
  • what is the first outdoor activity you want to try?
  • when do you want to do it?
  • what is the equipment needed?
  • why do you want to try it?

contoh part 2

Third part: Two-way discussion

takes 4-5 min
  • what do you think about sports?
  • how government can encourage people to play sports?
  • is there any different in sport play today and last time?
  • people are so busy working and don't even have time to exercise, what to do?

contoh part 3
contoh ayat2 yang boleh digunakan untuk part 3
Summary yang dapat dibuat:
1. untuk part 2, aku jawab pasal sports and sebab itu lah part 3 soalannya semua berkaitan sports.means, dia akan tanya basically ikut apa yang kita jawab.
2. biasanya pertanyaan akan ada what, when, why, where, how and who? basic question.
3. try to speak dengan jelas dan pastikan sebutan betul, grammar pun penting. tapi kalau masa speaking tiba2 rasa grammar atau sebutan salah, just continue speaking.kadang2 examiner x perasan pun kesalahan kita.
4. teruskan bercakap untuk part 2 dan hanya berhenti bila examiner ask to stop.

p/s: yang penting sekali kena confident, bukan ada betul atau salah cuma examiner nak tengok how we speak dan macam mana kita susun ayat kita.


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